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“Fashion is a statement, Not a style. Fashion doesn’t have to be worn casually, Nor outside the runway. Fashion is fit for all sizes for all people of all ages. Fashion is a art of self expression, not an excuse to be pretty, popular and charismatic” Well, not everyday you come across an extensive list of things that we can use every day. Here’s a list that we loved on the fashion tips from PeprisMine.com



How to Buy “Off-the-Rack” Formal Shirts


Dress shirts are one the first thing that you put on while getting ready for office. When you button them up, it gives you a deep sense of confidence to take up the daily challenges head on. Also, wearing a dress shirt with a perfect fit makes others to look up to you for inspiration. For some, buying the right sized formal dress shirts may look like a rocket science (but isn’t). Here are the simple principles to help you pick them, the easiest way so that you can create a list of dress shirts that can be worn at work or at a press meet, or even for a fund raising event. In my view, it’s great to see the shirt buying as a top priority in the outfit buying process. The idea here is to get the foundation right – so that when the dress shirts that you pick are of good quality and great fit, you will feel very comfortable and makes you more confident. Most of the times, many men look for shortcut and go in for just a number of the size mentioned on the shirt, which is not a good idea because the fits vary across brands even though the numbers are the same.

It’s important to change the standard method to gaining knowledge on taking your body measurements – the size of the neck, shoulder, and sleeve length and across the chest measurement. These numbers work well in making you look better. If you don’t know your neck size, a smaller collar will squeeze your neck when you button up to wear a tie and if it’s too loose, it hangs off your neck. When selecting the collar size put one finger between the collar and your neck. If it comfortably fits and you are at ease, that’s the collar size that you need to go in for. Many times, it’s best to do this “one finger” test before buying off-the-rack formal shirts. The second most important parameter to check is the extra fabrics around the chest and the waist. It’s a big no if you find shirts with excessive fabrics around your waist and chest. The rule of thumb is to try out shirts that are neither too tight nor too loose. Do not stick to the idea of selecting shirts from regular fit and slim fit. Try them out and you may be surprise that a fit that you always loved can be available in either regular or slim fit, depending on the brand that you select. The bagginess of the shirts makes men look older than the actual age. To look younger, select shirts that come in perfect fit. Shoulder measurements too play an important role in making a style statement. The shoulder drops do not give an elegant look. The seams of the shoulder should hug your shoulder.

While trying the formal shirts, check out if the yoke part of the shirt fall neatly on your shoulders. If there is a slight drop at the shoulders, select sleeve lengths that are appropriate. The sleeve lengths shouldn’t be too long or for that matter, too short. To do a quick test, unbutton the shirt that the cuffs and see if they reach past your wrists. If they reach past through the wrists, I would recommend you to try the same fit with a smaller sleeve length. Some of the international brands like Brooks Brothers, Gap and Thomas Pink offer such variations in terms of sleeve length. If you belong to the “six footer” group of tall men, try out shirts to check the sleeves and the shirt length. The rule of thumb, for easy tuck-in is the shirt length has to be 7 inches from the waist. With many collar designs, one that is good for the formal wear is a semi spread. It isn’t too conservative nor fashion forward. For festive seasons, the dressing is quite different than the regular wear. Click here to know more on tips to make a style statement.

Every day is a fashion show

Everyday is a fashion Show

Shirts – Selecting the Right Fit

How To Select Right Fit Shirts for Men – 4 Tips

How often have you faced the problem of not finding great fit, even after spending lot of time while shopping for men’s shirt? Well, you are not alone. Millions, if not billions find it a daunting task to find shirts that fits them really well. One of the most common reasons is the lack of standardization with respect to the sizes. Although the size label mentioned on the shirt is the same across different brands, the fit of the shirt varies significantly. Buying men’s shirts that is average or poor on fit is no brainer. However, buying shirts that fit really well requires some small effort from you side. Below is a list of 4 ultimate tips that helps you to select the right shirt.
Neck/Collar Size: One of the prime important aspects of any dress shirt is the collar. The collar is where the dress shirt announces itself. There is no meaning in getting a formal shirt that fits well at chest, but does not fit at collar properly, especially when you are opting to wear a tie and a suit. Getting a shirt that is too tight around the neck makes you look really squeezed; while at the same time getting a shirt that is too floppy around the neck diminishes the formal look. As a rule of thumb, always make sure to comfortably fit one finger between your neck and the collar. If a finger doesn’t fit in the collar, this is a clear sign that the shirt is not for you. Doing this test will help you get comfortable and at the same time, look really sharp.
Chest:For the fit to be exceptional, the shirts’ fabric around the chest of the person wearing the shirt should neither be excessively tight nor too baggy. Anything beyond comfort is baggy and bagginess is shabbiness. To see whether the shirt fits you well at chest, wear the shirt and see whether there is not more than 2 inches around the chest. Remember, anything beyond this is somebody’s fit and not yours.
Belly/ Waist: It is always advisable to buy men’s shirt based on the body type of the person. For lean body type, it is suggested to opt for men’s shirt that comes with tapered cuts around the waist.  However for regular and heavy body type, it is advisable to opt for regular fit. The rule of thumb is that, when worn, an additional 2 inches around the waist is advisable, even for maximum comfort and beyond this, consider it to be a loose fitting shirt.
Full Sleeves Size: While the standard shirt sizes that are available in 4-5 sizes come with bigger/ smaller than required full sleeves. Shirts look really professional when they are worn with perfect sized sleeves too. Remember, the art of picking great fit shirt lies in picking the proper sleeve length. Shirt, when worn and unbuttoned at cuff should not exceed the thumb joint. While buttoned at the cuff, there should be just sufficient fabric around the arm for you to fold your hand comfortably. Any excess fabric after folding your hands is seen unnecessary. It is always suggested for you to buy gingham men’s shirt brands that offer different sleeve lengths/sizes in each of the shirt size, based on the height of the person wearing it.

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